Student Organization Event Planning Guide

  • Requesting and Using Space
  • Registering Your Event

    On-campus events must be registered on The Link. An officer from your organization should “create an event” on your organization’s management page. All events (excluding leased lounge events* and general meetings**) should be registered no later than 10 business days prior to the date of the event. Once your event is registered, Student Engagement will review the details and determine if you need to attend an event planning meeting. You will be contacted within three business days of submitting your event.

    *Leased Lounge Events must be registered by Monday at 3pm for weekday events (Sunday-Thursday) and Thursday by 3pm for weekend events (Friday- Saturday). Learn More about Hosting Campus Lounge Events.

    **General meetings do not have to be registered on The Link.

  • Budgets, Funding & Finance
  • Event Planning Meetings
  • Catering Policies
    • Food and beverage arrangements must be made with Campus Dining/Aramark (336-758-5610). Outside caterers/food providers are not permitted on campus without a waiver from Aramark. Aramark is happy to work with your budget and menu and can accommodate almost any type of catering including ethnic foods and dietary restrictions.
    • Campus Dining holds the liquor license for the Benson University Center and other campus venues and has sole responsibility for the servicing and dispensing of alcoholic beverages.
    • In the event that you obtain a food waiver from Aramark (they will need a menu and invoice from your vendor). You will also need a W-9 along with the invoice from the outside vendor to set them up in Workday to be paid.
    • Visit the catering website for ideas – Contact Aramark to get accurate price quotes.
  • Requests for Campus Services: Facilities, Security & Parking
  • Successful Event Marketing

    Where to advertise your event

    All advertising must adhere to the posting policy.

    Need help creating your marketing? Contact MRKT.

    If you have applied for SAF funding, you must not advertise your event until funding has been approved.

  • Inclement Weather Plan

    In the case of rain, snow, or other inclement weather, making changes or canceling your event can become necessary.

    How can we plan for inclement weather in advance?

    • For outdoor events, book an indoor backup location.
    • If there is no sufficient indoor space, plan a backup date.
    • Make a communication plan for getting in touch with your attendees, vendors, and other stakeholders.
    • Work with SOFO to create a refund policy for ticketed events.

    When do we decide to cancel?

    Consider how much notification time the following people need:

    • Vendors
    • Guests on and off campus
    • Organization members
    • Space managers

    Consult with Student Engagement when making an inclement weather call, and keep in mind that safety of all involved is the first priority.

  • Tips for a Successful Event

    Five Tips for a Successful Event

    1. Consider Your Timeline

    Larger scale events require more planning, so consider how much time you will need, and start early! If you’re applying for funding, selling tickets, or fundraising, give yourself extra time to work with SAF, SBAC, or SOFO. Even smaller events should be planned at least 10 business days in advance.

    2. Check Relevant Calendars

    Ensure that your event is not scheduled to overlap with other big events or important dates that might affect your ability to book space or draw attendees. Check the University Events CalendarAcademic Calendar, and religious holidays when selecting the date and time of your event.

    3. Know Your Budget

    Do your research to ensure you’re able to afford the event you want to put on. Request quotes from vendors, check prices for materials online, and consult previous budgets if you are planning an event that has occurred in the past. This budget template from SAF is a great resource for being sure you’ve thought of everything. If you don’t have the funds to make your event happen, you can always look into requesting assistance from other funding sources.

    4. Advertise Your Event

    Make sure to let interested parties know that your event is happening! Get the word out using social media, word of mouth, campus screens, paper marketing & more – just remember to follow posting guidelines.

    5. Ask For Help

    If you need any assistance with your planning, you can always reach out for help! Your space manager can answer any questions about your reservation, or equipment, SOFO is there to assist with your finances, and you can always attend an event planning meeting with Student Engagement to ask any questions.

  • After Your Event


    Discuss your event with the other planners and/or your advisor. Consider what went well, and what could have been better. If you plan to have the event again in the future, thinking about what you would like to change next time you plan. It can also be helpful to get feedback from event attendees.


    If you received funding from SAF or attended an event planning meeting with Student Engagement, make sure you submit the post-event reflection form.

  • Events With Alchohol

Event Planning Office Hours

Event planning office hours will take place in Benson 335. Meetings are available most weekdays by appointment. To book an event planning meeting:

  1. Go to
  2. Select an appointment at least 1 hour in advance
  3. At your meeting time, check in at the front dest in the Student Engagement Suite (Benson 335)
  4. Our Office Assistant will direct you to your event planner’s office!

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