Event Planning Office Hours

Event planning office hours will take place in Benson 335. Meetings are available most weekdays by appointment. To book an event planning meeting:

  1. Go to go.wfu.edu/EventPlanningCal
  2. Select an appointment at least 1 hour in advance
  3. At your meeting time, check in at the front dest in the Student Engagement Suite (Benson 335)
  4. Our Office Assistant will direct you to your event planner’s office!

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Statement on Expression

Wake Forest University is committed to diversity, inclusion, and the spirit of Pro Humanitate, and it strives to provide an environment conducive to understanding, fostering, and nurturing the values of mutual respect, dignity, responsibility, and open communication. Free speech and peaceable assembly are basic requirements of a university as a center for free inquiry and the search for knowledge and insight.
The University is committed to providing all students the right to openly dissent and to speak, write, listen, challenge, protest, and learn. Though the vibrant exchange of ideas may become contentious, such interactions, as part of the University’s educational mission, can lead to changed perspectives, advanced knowledge, and informed action.
The rights afforded to students in this statement have limitations and involve a concurrent obligation on the part of students to maintain on the campus an atmosphere conducive to scholarly pursuits and to respect the rights of all individuals, including the right to be free of harassment or other behavior that diminishes a person’s or group’s dignity and which is prohibited under the Code of Conduct. Moreover, the exercise of these rights may not disrupt or obstruct the functions of the University or imminently threaten such disruption or obstruction.