Requesting and Using Spaces and Venues

  • Campus Spaces & Venues

    All spaces except student lounges can be reserved on DeaconSpace.

    Below is a list of the spaces most commonly used by student organizations.


    Information coming soon!

    Annenberg Forum

    •  Annenberg Forum can be reserved on DeaconSpace.
    • Annenberg has 2 microphones only- 1 podium hand-held cordless and 1 lapel mic located in the drawer. Please bring your own AA Batteries for the microphones. When finished with the event, please turn off microphones and put them back where you found them. No other microphones can be added to the system.
    • Any furniture (chairs, whiteboard/chalkboard from stage and placed in hallway) must be returned to stage at end of event. In return, any furnishings borrowed from other parts of Carswell (ie: first floor or ground floor lobby areas and brought into Annenberg), those items must be returned to their places of origin.
    • Please dispose of all trash properly. Do not leave trash in aisles, on desks, or on stage.
    • Please do not put drinks on podium.

    Brendle Recital Hall

    • Brendle can be reserved on DeaconSpace.
    • No food or drink is allowed on stage or in the house, but is permitted backstage.
    • Cleaning Fee: If additional cleaning is necessary after the event, the organization is responsible for paying a cleaning fee. The cleaning fee is automatically added in to the invoice if a reception is held as part of the event.
    • Additional Fees will be charged for technicians and ushers and for equipment rented for the event.
    • Ushers: At least 2 ushers are required for all events. The ushers must meet with Jay Lawson for detail debrief at least 15 minutes before the doors open for the event. If ushers cannot be provided, notify Jay Lawson at least 2 weeks prior to the event, and ushers will be provided by Brendle Hall at a cost.
    • Payment for damages to Brendle Hall or lobby are the responsibility of the organization and will be set up through Jay Lawson.

    Magnolia Room

    The Magnolia Room can be reserved on DeaconSpace. The furniture in the room is configurable. Parties reserving this space are responsible for their own set-up and clean-up. If you rearrange the furniture for your event, you are responsible to put the furniture back in the original configuration at the end of your event, or you will be charged a Facilities Fee.

    Walk, Run, & 5k Routes

    Routes are on DeaconSpace.

    • Must be booked 60 days in advance
    • Only available on Saturdays
    • Must have set number of UP officers
    • Minimum of 4 hours per officer
    • Officers must be paid by the hour
    • Need to plan for cleanup fee + extra trash bins
    • Must use Aramark for food & water
    • Must have a designated, non-participant sponsor on-site at all times during the event
  • Resource & Equipment Needs

    Consider what equipment your event will require and determine what is available from your venue, or what you will need to acquire from an outside vendor. Your space manager will have information on what items are available for use in your space.

    Some equipment considerations:

    • What types & arrangement of tables and chairs will you need?
    • Will you need a stage?
    • Will you be using audio-visual? Some required equipment might include a projector and/or screen, speakers, microphones, extra lighting, etc.
    • Does your space
      (particularly outdoor spaces) have ample power?
    • What help will you need from facilities? Common requirements include trash & recycling can delivery and pickup, post-event clean-up, marking of the grounds, etc.
    • Are you decorating? Be sure to follow the decorating policies of your reserved space – refer to your reservation confirmation, or ask the space manager if you are unsure.