Get Involved at WFU with a Personalized Involvement Plan

The more students get involved, the happier they tend to be with their college experience. We want your time at Wake Forest University to be positive and intentional. By creating a Personalized Involvement Plan, you can map and track your involvement experience to ensure you thrive in and out of the classroom!

Creating a Personalized Involvement Plan

Step 1: Complete the Interest Matcher form

Fill out a brief survey to reflect on your involvement goals, interests, and identities.


Step 2: Meet with an Engagement Consultant

After completing the Interest Matcher, an Engagement Consultant will schedule a meeting with you to discuss involvement opportunities.

Step 3: Receive a comprehensive Interest Matching report

Our office will generate a personalized report about involvement opportunities and review the report with you.

Step 4: Develop your Involvement Plan

After reviewing your report, create your personalized involvement plan with an Engagement Consultant.