All chapters are required to submit a registration each semester. Mandatory registration materials include updated roster and officer contact information, an updated profile on The Link, and a current copy of the chapter’s certificate of insurance.

Eligibility to join:

  • Must complete at least 12 college credit hours completed as a matriculated college student (Please note: credits accumulated during high school, such as from AP or IB classes, will not count toward this requirement).
  • Must have at least a 2.5 cumulative collegiate grade point average.
  • May not have any conduct sanctions that preclude a potential member from membership.
  • Must complete PreventZone hazing education modules (Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility AND Fraternity & Sorority Life Module).
  • During fall recruitment, continuous open bidding, and any other bid process that does NOT involve a pre-registration, potential members must submit a Grade Release Form and have eligibility verified prior to receiving a bid or invitation to participate in intake.

NPHC Intake:

Chapters must submit a finalized Interest or Informational Meeting flyer to our office two weeks before the actual event. This will be displayed through our social media and other media platforms. All fliers must submitted as a .jpeg. Following the interest meeting, a list of attendees must be submitted to our office 24 hours later to the Assistant Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life. All interested students must have university eligibility verified before receiving an invitation to participate in intake.

Event Management Policies for Social Functions with Alcohol

Wake Forest University Alcohol Policy

Wake Forest University Medical Amnesty Policy

Wake Forest University Anti-Hazing Policy and University Resources

Event planning policies and procedures

  • Event must be registered through The Link. 
  • All event-related forms are found in the Event Planning resources.


New Member Education Intent Form and Calendar