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The Wake Forest University Fraternity & Sorority community is committed to helping you identify ways to contribute your time and energy through community service and philanthropy. Brotherhood and Sisterhood are terms that serve as the cornerstone of Greek organizations. They are meant to describe the relationships formed by active participation in the chapter.

A leader in the Fraternity & Sorority community will develop such skills as written and oral communication, goal setting, planning activities, problem solving, delegating responsibilities, working with a group, time management, and focused decision making. These skills will be useful to chapter members for many years to come. Leadership is more than just what one can learn in a classroom, and Fraternity & Sorority Life gives you the opportunity to learn these skills.

Mixers, date parties, formals, and other activities guarantee excitement and an opportunity for members to meet a variety of new people on campus. Throwing a Frisbee on the Quad, sitting on a balcony, homecoming events, Deacs & Greeks, intramural sports competitions, and philanthropy projects are just a few popular ways fraternity and sorority members participate with each other and the campus community.

Academics come first at Wake Forest, and Fraternity & Sorority students recognize that the purpose of attending school is to receive a quality education. Each fraternity/sorority chapter has set their own scholarship standards, and a minimum GPA is required before joining or becoming an initiated member. To accomplish these academic standards, many different programs have been put in place. Members assist each other in developing study habits through scholarship programs, incentive programs, study buddies, individual help, and study halls.