Joining a fraternity or sorority can be an overwhelming process. How do you know which chapter is right for you?!  Below is a list of things to think about as you go through a recruitment process:

What is the time commitment?

This is the first question most people ask!  The first semester that you join is equivalent to an additional 3-credit academic class. After that, the time commitment will vary with your role in the chapter.  But each chapter will average 2-3 events per week (including chapter meetings) for their members to attend, ranging from chapter business meetings to participating in other organizations’ philanthropy events to member development events.

Other Considerations

  • What do you hope to get out of your college experience?
  • What do you hope people remember you for when you graduate from Wake Forest University?
  • What kinds of volunteer work do you enjoy or want to get involved in?
  • What are the current members involved in?
  • What are the three most important things that you hope to get out a fraternity/sorority experience?
  • What are the organization’s values?  More importantly, what are your values? And do they align?

Sometimes the last question can be the most overwhelming.  We encourage you to utilize the Life Values Inventory. This free online assessment can help you clarify what is most important to you at this time in your life – and you can determine how your fraternity or sorority membership should align with those values.