Intercultural Center, Benson 346
The Intercultural Center provides support to many multicultural and intercultural student organizations. The IC strives to produce quality programming which not only meets the needs of a diverse student body, but provides opportunities for meaningful engagement and cross-cultural interactions for the Wake Forest University.

Campus Programs & Services, Benson 139
Campus Programs & Services supports the campus community by creating spaces and opportunities where all students can pursue the meaningful relationships and leadership experiences emblematic of a liberal arts college committed to wellbeing.

Campus Recreation, Sutton Center (first floor)
Campus Recreation enriches the quality of life for the Wake Forest University community by promoting a holistic approach to physical well-being through diverse programming and facilities. Be sure to check out the Club Sports Union on The Link.

Pro Humanitate Institute, PHI/AJC House
The Pro Humanitate Institute (PHI) is a core of learning, teaching, service, and action that transforms the ethos of WFU into an explicit mission connected to clear practices with meaningful social justice outcomes. PHI supports philanthropy and legacy programming, democratic engagement, justice programs, and community engagement.

Chaplain’s Office, Suite 22 Reynolda Hall
The Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life seeks to support a diversity of beliefs through the multifaith character of the chaplaincy and its relationship to some 16 religious life affiliates. The Chaplain’s office supports over 14 religious and faith-based student organizations.

Office of Wellbeing, Wellbeing Center
Thrive is a campus-wide initiative – owned by every member of the Wake Forest University community. The Office of Wellbeing leads the campus in making wellbeing a part of every experience in the lives of our students, faculty, and staff.

University Police, HS Moore Building
The Wake Forest University Police Department is committed to a comprehensive approach in providing a safe and inclusive community where students, faculty, staff and visitors may experience a sense of security and belonging.

WFU’s online space request system enables student organizations to locate and request appropriate event space quickly and easily.

Campus Programs & Services, Benson 139
CP&S manages a variety of reservable spaces throughout the WFU campus. Groups in search of the perfect venue for an outdoor event, departmental retreat, large conference, weekly meeting or student party can browse the website to view photos of spaces and learn more about policies and amenities.

University Police, HS Moore Building
University Police provides security at special events for student organizations as well as other resources and services. For more information, view the WFU Police Services Request Form

Facilities and Campus Services
Facilities and Campus Services is committed to offering solutions that meet any student organization’s needs. Student organizations hosting special events can submit a facilities request for trash cans, outdoor lighting, and more!

Under the Oaks Catering (ARAMARK), Fresh Food Company
Is your student organization hosting an event with catering? Did you know all on-campus catered events are required to use Under the Oaks Catering? Catering orders can be submitted here.

MRKT, Campus Programs & Services, Benson 333
MRKT is a student marketing team gifted in graphic design intended to manage marketing campaigns, develop logos and brand identity, and produce digital, social, and print media for campus-wide events, programs and initiatives. Overseen by Campus Programs and Services, MRKT invites all Wake Forest University departments and student organizations to request the assistance of the team with designing flyers, posters, and other forms of marketing materials.

Wake Radio, Benson 512
Wake Radio is a student-run internet college radio station. Wake Radio regularly hosts concerts and we provides DJ and rental services as a resource for other organizations and events.

The Declining Balance Card Program for Student Organizations, Office of the Dean of Students, Benson 139
The DB Card program is designed to help student organizations access their funding and pay expenses by checking out a Declining Balance purchasing card. Advisor approval and a short training session are required for each student checking out a card. Already trained? Submit a funding request.

The Student Activities Fee Committee
The Student Activities Fee (SAF) is a funding source for undergraduate-focused, campus-wide events. For more information visit the SAF page.

Whether you’re looking for operating dollars for your organization or a way to pay for a new campus-wide event or tradition, finding your funding might seem like a confusing process. Here are some ways to fund your event or organization:

Student Budget Advisory Committee Funding (SBAC):
SBAC is a student government committee responsible for allocating operating funds to chartered student organizations and monitoring the way those funds are spent. Once chartered, groups may apply for this type of funding.

The application process begins early in the spring semester. Items submitted include an application, budget proposal, program reports and other documentation. The SBAC Committee reviews all proposals and allocates funding for the next fiscal year.

You can learn more about SBAC funding at the Student Government website:

Student Activities Fee Committee (SAF)
The Student Activities Fee (SAF) is a funding source for undergraduate-focused, campus-wide events. For more information visit the SAF page.

Financial Guidance for Student Groups:

Financial assistance and guidance for student organizations now has a central office. The Student Organization Finance Office is your one-stop shop for DB Cards, payments, fundraising guidance and more! To learn about SOFO, visit their website.

Student Organization Finance Office

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