To Promote Interaction, Idea-Sharing and Collaboration among prospective student leaders, to build social capital and networks...
CHARGE Emerging Leaders Program

CHARGE applications are live!

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Students applying for CHARGE must be available for the full hour from 7-8 p.m. on Tuesdays from September 26th to November 14th.

CHARGE is a foundational leadership program for first year and sophomore students. As part of the 7-week program, students take various personal inventories and assessment with a focus on leadership competences.

CHARGE is Wake Forest’s flagship program for student leadership development. Over the years many of the CHARGE has been the catalyst for positive and concrete change at Wake Forest. If interested, contact Lauren Haynes (

Participant Information

CHARGE is designed to teach basic leadership principles and skills with special attention to how students might become more effective campus and community leaders.Participants include first and second year students who exhibit promising leadership potential and an interest in personal development. Your commitment as a participant will be to attend Leadership Labs with your group, attend the CHARGE retreat, and meet with your group members regularly.