Event Planning Meetings

We believe that successful events are a shared responsibility. Student Organizations hosting events that meet the following criteria are required* to attend an event planning meeting with a member of the Student Engagement team. Open Event Planning Office Hours take place daily.

  • Alcohol present at the event
  • Events that are open to the public
  • Events with potential media presence
  • Events with minors
  • Events with 200 or more attendees
  • Events with vendors, rental equipment, work orders, security, etc.
  • Events going through the SAF funding process
  • Fundraising, ticketed events

*OSE Staff will make the final determination about whether an event planning meeting is required

Virtual Event Planning Office Hours

Event planning office hours will take place virtually until further notice. Meetings are available daily by appointment. To book a virtual event planning meeting:

  1. Go to go.wfu.edu/EventPlanningCal
  2. Select an appointment at least 15 minutes in advance
  3. At your meeting time, check your Google calendar for a video link
  4. Join the meeting!