Chartering a Student Organization

Chartering Process

  • Interest Period

    Interested groups must contact the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) at within the first few weeks of the semester to express interest in applying for a charter. A firm deadline will be determined by OSE and announced by the end of the previous semester. During the interest period, groups will be assigned a chartering advisor. This advisor will work with them to develop the organization and determine readiness to apply.

    Pre-charter interest groups may:

    • Participate in Involvement Fairs
    • Hold meetings
    • Apply for Student Activity Fee (SAF) funding
    • Reserve limited spaces for recruitment purposes. 

    Pre-charter interest groups may not:

    • Apply for Student Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC) funding
    • Utilize the Wake Forest University name and/or logos
  • Application Period

    Applications will be open on the Student Organizations Council (SOC) Link page for two weeks. Applications will not be reviewed until the end of the application period. Application requirements are as follows:

    • A full-time undergraduate president
    • A full-time undergraduate treasurer
    • At least 10 undergraduate members
    • A faculty or staff advisor
    • A constitution & bylaws
  • Review Period

    The Student Organizations Council (SOC) will review all applications and invite each group to appear before the council to speak about their purpose and the progress they have made in becoming established on campus, and to answer any outstanding questions. SOC will contact the proposed advisor and any affiliated campus departments to verify that all requirements have been met. Charters will be granted by a majority vote and all decisions will be announced at the end of the review period.

  • Post-Chartering

    Newly chartered organizations will be granted a conditional charter and must attend a post-chartering info session with the Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Programs. 

  • Conditional Charter Period

    The first semester that a group is chartered will be a conditional period during which the group must demonstrate that it is able to function as a sustaining organization. During this period, the group must:

    • Complete half of the workshop requirements for all chartered organizations.
    • Continue to hold meetings and/or planned activities as proposed in the charter application and SOC presentation.
    • Submit a status report to SOC at the end of the conditional period. 

    As a conditionally chartered organization, groups:

    • Cannot request SBAC funds
    • Cannot claim formal university recognition
    • Can request SAF funds
    • Can reserve space on DeaconSpace
    • Will have a page on the Link
    • Can participate in Involvement Fairs
  • Formal Chartering

    After a successful conditional period, groups will be granted a formal charter. Formally chartered organizations maintain all privileges of a conditionally chartered group, and:

    • May apply for SBAC funds
    • May claim formal university recognition

    Formally chartered organizations must register annually on the Link, and complete all requirements mandated by the Office of Student Engagement.

  • Non-Discrimination Requirements

    All student organizations must include the following non-discrimination statement in their constitution, verbatim. No aspects of the organization’s governing documents may conflict with this statement. For more information regarding this requirement, please visit our Non-Discrimination Statement FAQ page.

    “Wake Forest University Student Organizations are committed to diversity, inclusion and the spirit of Pro Humanitate. In adherence with applicable laws and as provided by University policies, the University prohibits discrimination in its organizations on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, disability, and veteran status.”

Important Dates for Fall 2022

  • Wednesday, August 31: First day to meet with a chartering advisor
  • Wednesday, September 21: Last day to meet with a chartering advisor
  • Monday, September 26: Charter application opens
  • Sunday, October 9: Charter application closes
  • Friday, November 18: Status reports for Spring 2022 chartering cohort due
  • Monday, November 21: Fall 2022 conditional chartering decisions announced
  • Week of November 28: Post-chartering info sessions
  • Wednesday, November 30: Spring 2022 formal charters announced

Frequently Asked Questions