Scenario: Your group hosted a ticketed event, your attendance was off the charts, and now you find yourself the proud owners of a big wad of cash.

What next? First, we’d like to congratulate you on your event-planning prowess. Second, you need to get that money to a safe place, ASAP.

Want to learn more? This page is here to help. Scroll down to find out how to make a deposit to your group’s university account.

Guidance for
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Deposits: The Ground Rules

Don’t Hold Out!

According to University policy, all payments received should be deposited promptly. In practice this means within 1 business day of receiving them.

So, if your event (or other sale) was on a Thursday, you should deposit your cash or checks by 4:30 PM on Friday. If you took in the money over the weekend, 4:30 PM on Monday is your expected target.

If you receive a check in the mail, you’re expected to deposit it as soon as possible after it’s in your possession.

Prep your Deposit

There are some required steps to get your proceeds ready to hand over. You’ll need to count your cash twice, stack the bills and sometimes roll the coins. There’s also a form to complete with your organization account codes.

Where can you find your account codes? Your advisor, treasurer and/or SBAC rep should be able to help. We also provide some sample coding for various situations below.

Finally, you’ll want to keep good records, in case someone has questions later. For detailed instructions, keep reading.

Take it to the Cashier’s Window

Deposits should be taken in person to the Cashier’s Window in Student Financial Services, Reynolda Hall 107.

Student Financial Services Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Please be advised that from November 17, 2017 to early January, 2018, Student Financial Services will be temporarily relocated to the basement of Reynolda Hall in Rooms B07 and B09 while their space is being renovated.

Stay Safe

Planning for your personal security and the security of your funds

Be safe when transporting cash, don't walk alone!

  • As much as possible, keep the existence of your cash stash on a “need to know” basis among your group members.
  • Don’t broadcast to others that you’re transporting a deposit. Be sure to hide the cash from view inside a bag or envelope.
  • If your event ends late and you have to transport your cash proceeds from a venue, travel in a group. Never carry a large amount of cash alone at night!
  • Finally, if you hold a sale over a long period of time, you should plan to make frequent deposits rather than holding all cash proceeds until the sale ends.


Perfect deposits every time!

  1. Count your cash and checks twice to be sure your deposit totals will be accurate. (For larger amounts, it’s a good idea to have two people count.)
  2. Separate cash by type -20s, 10s, 5s, 1s, coins- (and turn the bills to face the same direction, which makes for a happy cashier.)
  3. Put rubber bands around your cash so nothing is lost.
  4. If you have lots of coins, roll them.
  5. Download the deposit form to Excel and fill in your amounts, payment types, and accounting codes* as shown in the examples further down the page. Print the page and sign the bottom.

    *You’ll notice on the examples we use XXX to take the place of your actual account numbers. To create a successful deposit, you’ve got to provide your SBAC or Agency account number. If you’re not sure what the correct number is, contact your Advisor before going to the cashier’s window.

  6. Make a scan or copy of the deposit form and file it with your organization records. One day an auditor might have questions, and trust us, it’s good to have the answers!
  7. Take your finished deposit to Student Financial Services. The cashier will process your deposit and provide a receipt, which you should then staple or scan to your deposit copy.

Coding for Common Deposits