Organization Identity Standards

Organization Nomenclature:

Organizations must be named according to their purpose, mission, or interest. No organization’s name may include “Wake Forest University” or any derivatives in advance of their name. For example, an organization should not be named “Wake Forest University Quidditch Club” or “Wake Quidditch” but instead would be named “Quidditch Club” or “Quidditch Club at Wake Forest University.” Outside websites should be branded with the organization name/logo, and not “Wake Forest University” or any WFU logos.

Logos and Marketing:

As a student organization, you are welcome to create a logo, design outreach materials, and otherwise promote your organization visually. We suggest that you work with MRKT for these purposes. If you want to utilize the Wake Forest University logos for any reason, you are expected to follow the identity standards set forth by the university, including using a licensed vendor to print branded merchandise.