Wake Forest University has decided to close its chapter of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity due to multiple violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

Following an administrative hearing last week, the University’s decision cited a failure to follow a mutually-agreed-upon social events risk management plan, hosting an unauthorized party with a keg, and repeated lack of compliance with the directions of university officials. The organization had been on deferred suspension following Code of Conduct violations from the previous year.

As a result, Delta Kappa Epsilon will not be recognized at Wake Forest University effective Monday, Oct. 15. The chapter will be eligible to apply for recognition again within the University’s fraternity and sorority community on May 31, 2022. Wake Forest may choose to recognize Delta Kappa Epsilon again, but only after a continuous four-year period of non-operation.

The organization may request an appeal from the Student Life Committee within 10 days. In the absence of such an appeal, the decision to close the chapter is final.

It is important to note that two anonymous reports of sexual assault alleged to have occurred at the fraternity’s house at 1101 Polo Road on Sept. 14 were not considered in the administrative hearing and did not factor into the decision to suspend the chapter’s recognition. Because neither anonymous report identified any victims, possible assailants or witnesses – and no new information has come forth since the reports were made – there is no investigation.


Editor’s note: On Nov. 16, the Student Life Committee informed the Psi Delta chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon that its appeal was denied. The decision to suspend the chapter’s University recognition is final and effective immediately.