Announcement Regarding Student Events in The Barn

The University is in the midst of a thorough review of events associated with the tragic shooting death of Najee Ali Baker on January 20. All student events at the Barn, and parties of a similar nature, have been canceled until the University can complete a review and make necessary changes.

As we contemplate the future of The Barn, Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue has charged a joint faculty/staff/student Event Planning Review Committee. Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Intercultural Center Jonathan McElderry and Associate Dean for Student Engagement Tim Wilkinson will serve as co-chairs. The Event Planning Review Process is an opportunity for members of the Wake Forest community to collaborate in reviewing, critiquing and making recommendations on necessary improvements in the policies and protocols that affect student events and programs. The review process should prioritize student safety and sense of belonging among all students and student organizations.