Student Activity Fee/Diversity & Collaboration Fund Summer Funding Guidelines

Any event occurring prior to September 25th should be submitted by Friday, May 26th for priority consideration. SAF will meet sometime the week after the 26th (based on calendars and amount of funding requests) to approve funding proposals. Student-led proposals will not require a presentation. Department-led proposals will require a presentation (SAF will make a determination on blended proposals).

Proposals for an event occurring prior to September 25th that are not submitted by Friday, May 26th will still be finalized over the course of the summer, but may be delayed due to committee scheduling.

Proposals for events occurring on or after September 25th will be in line with current funding guidelines of one month out (therefore anything on the 25th of September must be in by August 25th).

Any proposals that require SAF approval for contracted entertainment that need to be considered prior to the school year (for example, a concert proposal that would occur in early October, but needs SAF approval in order to better determine amount of money that could be in a proposal), should be submitted regardless of deadline and the committee will consider.