Student Trustee Nominations

The Wake Forest University Committee on Student Life encourages all members of the University community to nominate students for the role of Student Trustee on the 2018 – 2019 Board of Trustees.

When considering candidates, the Committee considers many factors, including:

  • A nominee’s experience in and outside of the classroom
  • A clear vision of what constitutes the Wake Forest University community
  • A desire to make positive change within the Wake Forest University community
  • All nominees submitted before 5:00 PM on Tuesday, February 20th will be informed of their nomination and asked to consider submitting an application.

Nominated candidates must submit an application by 5:00 pm on Tuesday February 20th.

Student Trustee Nomination Form Spring 2018

The Student Trustee position is open to all rising, full-time junior and senior students (i.e. current sophomores and juniors) at Wake Forest University who are not on academic or social probation. The selection process will take place during spring semester 2018. The new Student Trustee will be named by the Board of Trustees’ April meeting and will begin their term during summer 2018, at the summer meeting, or at the first meeting of the fall semester 2018.

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