Common Account Codes

Format for adding budget codes to an invoice or Expenditure voucher:

Paying from SBAC funding: 111111-129xxx-5xxxx
Paying from your organization’s Agency fund: Axxxx-110000-5xxxx

Some common account codes used by Student Organizations:

51010 Memberships, Dues, Subscriptions (ex: association dues)
51012 Workshops, Programs, Seminars (ex: Paying for a High Ropes course during a group retreat)
51513 Computers (ex. keyboards/monitors, replacement power supplies, iPods/Pads)
51515 General Equipment (ex: camera, signage, sound system components)
53010 Supplies (ex: office supplies, other general supplies)
53011 Postage
53013 Printing (ex: posters, banners, stickers)
53015 Uniforms
54010 Travel Expense (ex: travel hotels and/or ground transportation for yourself OR the same for visiting performers and vendors, airfare, restaurant meals when traveling)

54018 Local meals and entertainment (ex. all locally purchased meals when the meal includes a guest who isn’t from WFU)
54020 Meals between employees (ex. A working dinner with your group members/officers/advisor only)
54021 Department Events (ex. Providing food for an organization celebration involving only your group, the entire campus is not invited)
56526 Student Life Programming (ex. All programming related expenses such as catering, decorations, giveaways that aren’t part of departmental marketing)

54514 Professional Contracts (ex. performers, sound and light vendors, monthly web-based services, film licenses)
54516 Speakers (honorariums and INCLUSIVE travel expenses/food buyouts. For travel expenses with separate receipts or invoices, use the travel account code.)
55511 Subscriptions
56016 Rentals (ex. Hauser Rentals)
56523 Professional Photography