Contracts Policy

  • Organizations that sponsor a performer (DJ, Band, Speaker, Entertainer) on campus may often have to execute a formal contract agreement before the program can take place. The Office of Student Engagement has been charged by the university to manage this contract process for all registered student organizations. The only people on the Wake Forest campus who can bind the university to an agreement are those authorized by the Assistant Vice President for Campus Life.
  • Student organizations cannot sign contracts on behalf of Wake Forest University or in any way represent that they are agents of or signing on behalf of the university. Such action may constitute civil or criminal fraud. In many instances, a verbal agreement is binding; students should check with the Office of Student Engagement before making offers for any performers.
  • Contracts are important because they identify what each party is committed to providing, specify agreed payment amounts and accommodations, dictate the details of the program (time, location, length of performance), and safeguard the university and organization members.
  • Contracts should include key points about the event, such as the date, time, location, and performance length, and should contain information about hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and hospitality (if agreed upon). The timing of payment should also be addressed; it is recommended that payment be provided after goods are received or services are rendered, and not in advance.