Training and Workshops

Student Leadership Challenge: The Student Leadership Challenge provides many opportunities to help students develop to their full potential as leaders regardless of their experience. Grounded in over 30 years of extensive research, leadership experts Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have identified The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® that are common when leaders are able to make extraordinary things happen. By incorporating the Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership™ into your program, you will be able to “liberate the leader within every student.”™

StrengthsQuest: StrengthsQuest Leadership Training helps students gain understanding about their individual “natural” talents and how to transform those talents into strengths. StrengthsQuest using positive psychology to assist students with identifying and building on what they do best! Students also learn to utilize their strengths with others in different settings. With the understanding of one’s personal strengths and the strengths of others, stronger work teams, student organizations and communities are developed. We can develop customized workshops for your group or organization and provide coaching for individual students

StrengthsQuest Workshop Offerings:
“Intro to Strengths”
“Strengths & Teams”
“Strengths & Leadership”


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students (EILS) combines the concepts of emotional intelligence and leadership into one model which emphasizes that leadership is a learnable skill that is based on developing healthy and effective relationships. This training outlines the three facets of the EILS model (consciousness of context, consciousness of self, and consciousness of others) and explores the 19 capacities that define the emotionally intelligent leader.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Workshop Offerings:

“Exploring Emotionally Intelligent Leadership”: General Session to define emotionally intelligent leadership and why it matters. This workshop will focus on the overall model and the three facets/themes (consciousness of self, consciousness of others, and consciousness of context).

“My EIL”: Students will take the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Inventory. During the workshops, participants will discuss their results and review the facets and capacities as they relate to their results. The inventory is a 57-item assessment that measures how often students engage in behaviors that align with emotionally intelligent leadership.
* Online Inventory is $5 / Paperback Inventory is $6

“The Emotional Intelligence Team Builder”:
The Emotionally Intelligent Leadership model explores various capacities that involve the awareness of the emotions in self and in others. It’s theme “Consciousness of Others” intentionally outlines how to effectively manage a group’s emotions to create positive change. Through fun teambuilding activities, participants will develop emotional intelligence strategies that boosts a team’s performance.