National Society of Leadership and Success

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is the largest leadership society in the U.S. It is a unique leadership organization that gives students access to experiential learning and development resources that aid in their personal, professional, and academic advancement. Students must complete eight events to become an inducted member. Students develop tangible skills, which they can discuss during job interviews and highlight on a resume.

The National Society of Leadership and Success offers unique value to our campus community.  The Society offers access, leadership development, and recognition to students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to be part of such a community.

Wake Forest currently offers leadership programs such as the CHARGE Emerging Leaders initiative, Leadership Workshop Series, and Leadership Retreats. The Society offers yet another facet of leadership development to these already existing programs, by offering a space in which students can apply elements of their learning in one focused, goal-oriented journey of community building and personal growth.

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    Induction Requirements

  • Orientation
  • Speaker Broadcasts

    Interactive live broadcasts with bestselling authors, celebrities, and the nation’s best speakers teaching students about success and leadership

  • Leadership Training

    A professional leadership training video and workbook to help apply leadership principles to the student’s life.

  • Success Network Teams

    These peer to peer goal-setting meetings provide professional development for students to help them create and attain their goals through peer support, networking, and mentoring.